Re: Airbus Safety

Date:         12 Oct 98 00:02:20 
From:         "Bruce O'Neel" <>
Organization: University of Geneva
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Joseph Edward Nemec <> writes:

> I think this is the only reason for it. When the FedEx MD-11 crashed
> at Newark last year, I didn't see a peep out of any newspapers, except
> for the NY Times in a small blurb. People dead in airplane crashes
> sell newspapers. Lots of people dead in airplane crashes sell lots of
> newspapers.

As a US person who lives in Geneva, something that many from the US
might not realize is that in spite of how often you hear about it in
the news, Geneva is a small place.  Geneva the city has 160k people,
and the whole canton (think state if you're in the US) has approx 400k
people according to:

Very small.  Now, some of those people could have lived in other Swiss
cantons or in the area of France which borders Geneva, but, still,
this is a small community for a city.  229 people touches a fair
fraction of those people pretty easily, ie, you knew someone, or one
of your friends knew someone, or someone doesn't show up at the next
gathering of people you get together with, etc.  At least in this area
this is one of the reasons why it gets a lot of press.



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