Re: Sighted a shock wave above airliner wing

Date:         12 Oct 98 00:02:13 
From: (Charles Crosby)
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J. W. Dawson <> wrote:
> Though I haven't seen one in a while, I can recall on several occasions
> seeing them above the wing of 727's during cruise. Why this plane and
> seldom, if ever, on others, I don't know. Most often it was when the sun was
> shining relatively low from the opposite side of the aircraft.

It may have something to do with the 727's relatively high cruising
speed.  AFAIK, of subsonic passenger aircraft, only the 747 and
Citation X go (slightly) faster.  I've seen the phenomenon on an
MD-80, flying South in the late afternoon, as you say, with the sun
low on the other side.

Charles Crosby