Re: RTO Decision made by the computer

Date:         07 Oct 98 02:49:19 
From: (Jon Jonsson)
Organization: ICGNetcom
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On 05 Oct 98 00:26:49 , Thomas Buro <> wrote:
>On a conference about the design of human-machine systems, i.e. Cockpit
>design the issue of Rejected take off was discussed. A professor could
>mathematically prove that decisions shortly before V1 is reached are
>better made by a computer. The scenario was: one engine failure, no
>further problems etc. In case of engine failure and a wrong decision of
>the pilot the computer would fly the aircraft.

Couple of questions/comments:

1.  Which conference was this data presented at and will a proceedings
be made available?

2.  What assumptions were made in calculating the coefficient of
friction?  I am assuming that this system had a COF input to make it's
"decision"  How was this done?

3.  The conditions as presented were one engine out and the failure
had NO effect on the other engine?  Did the mathematician then simply
do an analysis of whether the computer was better than the crew at
determining whether their was sufficient runway length to stop the

4.  Was any reference made to the work done over a decade ago at NASA
on the TOPMS?