Re: RTO Decision made by the computer

Date:         07 Oct 98 02:49:16 
From:         TJH <>
Organization: People for the Ethical Treatment of Mythical Animals
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Computers never fail never fail never fail never fail never <"yank"

Having a computer MAKING my decisions for me?  Uh, does the name HAL mean
anything... ok it was only a movie, but the idea stands, there were(are)
human pilots before there were autopilots and computers...  Thanks to
"computers", a handful of our 757's won't even 'start' come Jan 1, 2000.

As to warnings, we already have them.  Engine fire, we get a fire bell,
which is inhibited between 0' and 400' on takeoff after nose strut
extension to prevent pilot distractions during rotation; Engine
failure(flameout, no fire), no bell, but Crew Warning System beeper, also
after 400' on takeoff... If an engine failure occurs PRIOR to liftoff(nose
strut extension), but AFTER 80kts(hi-speed regime now, Boeing's
terminology)we are to reject and stop.  What else did you have in mind?

TJH, B757 IP