Re: Boeing B-314

Date:         07 Oct 98 02:49:15 
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Geno Rice <> writes:

>On the subject of the flying boats, I read a novel a few years back that
>took place on one of them. The author wrote that the engines were
>servicable during flight and that one of the duties of the engineer was
>to climb inside the wing to attend to the engines (for example, oiling).
>Is this true? If so, can you imagine the combination of cold, heat, and
>noise that the poor man would have had to endure!

This was pretty typical up through the 30s, for both long-range multi-engine
aircraft, and for rigid airships (zeppelins).

At least the mechanic you mention had interior access to the engines from
the wings. Engineers aboard Zeppelins and the big German R-Bombers of
the Great War had to climb around open rigging/struts. Not for the

My uncle recalls engine access in-flight aboard the USAF's big 4-engine
prop transports.

Ed R.