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Date:         05 Oct 98 00:27:04 
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>Fact is: the A320 family has a larger number of hull-loss accidents per
>million departures than does its competitor the B737 series. Check the

I don't have all the statistics readily at hand, unfortunately, but I
do have some of the pieces.  On August 19, I posted a message including
some stats from  Here
are the relevant from that article:

Model                   Rate  Events  Flights
-----                   ----  ------  -------
Airbus A320             0.77     4      5.2M
Boeing 737-100/200      0.72    34     47.1M
Boeing 737-300/400/500  0.47    11     23.5M

"Events" in this case is passenger fatalities, not hull losses which I
find more relevant in discussions of a given airframe's safety, but at
least we have the number of flights or departures.  Total for the 737
family is 70.6 million.  (This data is slightly data so the number of
737NG operations is insignificant.)

There have been six A320 family hull losses to date, all involving the
A320 (no A319 or A321 has been lost):

date         flight   reg      model    fatal  location
----         ------   ---      -----    -----  --------
26-Jun-1988  AF       F-GFKC   A320-111    3   Habsheim, FR
14-Feb-1990  IC 605   VT-EPN   A320-231   92   Bangalore, IN
20-Jan-1992  IT 5148  F-GGED   A320-111   87   Mt. Ste. Odile (Strasbourg), FR
14-Sep-1993  LH 2904  D-AIPN   A320-211    2   Warsaw, PL
10-Mar-1997  GF 071   A40-EM   A320-212    0   Abu Dhabi, AE
22-Mar-1998  PR 137   RP-3222  A320-214    3   Bacolod, PH

That gives a rate of 1.15 hull losses per million flights for the A320

Looking at, I find listed a
total of 85 hull losses for the 737, a rate of 1.20 per million flights
or about 4% higher than the A320 family rate.

Having thus checked the statistics, your assertion that the A320 family
has a higher hull loss rate than the 737 does not appear to be factual.
If you have more accurate statistics which demonstrate otherwise, I'm
sure the group would love to see them.

>What Id like to know is why Euro press jumped on every possible MD-11
>glitch lately, but no reports were made on Sabena A340 landing gear
>collapse last week...

Because after 229 people were killed on a Swissair MD-11, the MD-11 is
news.  The A340 hasn't earned itself the limelight.

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