Airbus Safety

Date:         05 Oct 98 00:27:03 
From:         Arne Stuermer <>
Organization: Aachen University of Technology / Rechnerbetrieb Informatik
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Fact is: the A320 family has a larger number of hull-loss accidents per
million departures than does its competitor the B737 series. Check the
statistics... I believe the Russian accident might have been confused
with the one by a Lufthansa A320 in Warsaw, Poland. This was a hull loss
on landing, after spoilers and thrust reversers could not be deployed
during a landing on a wet runway. Apparently aquaplaning was an issue,
prompting the planes computers yo not get the necessary all-wheels down
signal necessary for this deployment.
What Id like to know is why Euro press jumped on every possible MD-11
glitch lately, but no reports were made on Sabena A340 landing gear
collapse last week...
Just something that makes me think sometimes...