TWA 800 question: fuel flow problem

Date:         24 Jan 98 02:53:43 
From:         jf mezei <"[non-spam]jfmezei">
Organization: VTL
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in the cockpit voice recorder transcript, less than 2 minutes prior to
the "big problem", there is this:

2029: 15
CAM- 1 look at that crazy fuel flow indicator there on number four.
2029: 23
CAM- 1 see that.
2029: 35
CAM- 1 some where in here I better trim this thing (in/ up).
2029: 39
CAM- 2 huh?
2029: 39
CAM- 1 some place in here I better find out where this thing's trimmed.
At 2031: 05 tape damage begins.

OK. We know that centre fuel tank exploded. And 1.5 minutes prior to
that explosion, there is a "crazy fuel flow indicator" for an engine.
Call me newbie, but how come the media have not investigated this or
asked serious questions about any potential link between these two
events ?

Couldn't the initial problems not have been caused by an electrical
problem which eventually sparked the explosion ?

Could someone put this "crazy fuel flow indicator" in perspective ? Is
this something which is as common as someone sneezing and considered
perfectly normal ?

Also, what exactly did the pilot mean by "where this thing's trimmed" ?

Also, how is fuel distributed to each engine ? Is there a single "bus"
used by all engines to draw fuel from, and to that bus are valves to
each fuel tank to decide where the fuel comes from ? Or do each engine
have their own paths to each fuel tank with their own valves to decide
where each engine draws its fuel from ?

Or do engines draw fuel only from the wing tank under which they are
mounted with some pumps to move fuel between tanks, completely
independantly from the fuel supply to the engines ?

Last question: with a wing tank almost full, what would happen if a pump
in centre fuel tank were to start to pump air/fumes from an empty centre
tank to a wing tank. Would this cause bubbles/foam to form in the wing
tank ? Could this possibly cause an engine's fuel intake to draw some of
that bubbled fuel and explain the "crazy fuel flow indicator" ?