Re: Habsheim accident (was: Re: Airbus Safer?)

Date:         05 Oct 98 00:26:59 
From: (PS2727)
Organization: AOL
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I agree that the maneuver should not have been done in that setting, but
my point is simply this- The Airbus approach to automation does not, in
my opinion, merge well with the way transport pilots have operated
aircraft. Strange as it may seem, there are many situations in airline
flying where crews revert to stick and rudder skills to save a rapidly
deteriorating situation. To expect the thousands of pilots worldwide to
embrace and become comfortable with the idea of flying a computer is
proving to be a problem.  This incident is an example of a pilot
expecting his airplane to do A and it does B.

There was never a situation that I know of where the crew of a 727 were
confused as to what mode the flight controls were in. Maybe we should
stop and rethink this.

I have nothing against Airbus machines, I just question putting a
computer between the pilot and the control surfaces on a transport