Re: SR111 Fuel numbers

Date:         05 Oct 98 00:26:54 
From:         Phil Wood <>
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James Matthew Weber wrote:

> I have now seen a couple of transcripts where the pilots of SR111
> claims fuel aboard at 230 tons.

That is what he said, but it is generally assumed he was talking about
the gross weight of the entire aircraft - He was probably worried about
his landing weight, not fuel weight.

According to the Boeing web page
(, the MD-11 carries
up to 38,615 gal. (~100+ tons) of fuel, and I've read that Swissair
tankering was common from JFK ...

> I find that hard to believe, in fact I find it hard to believe
> the fuel capacity on an MD11 would be much over 120 tons. In fact I
> doubt the difference between emtpy weight and MGTOW is that much!

Again, from Boeing's web,

MGTOW:	602,500 lbs
Empty:	291,600 lbs

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