Re: SR111 Fuel numbers

Date:         05 Oct 98 00:26:53 
From:         Mexcellent <>
Organization: University of Virginia
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James Matthew Weber ( wrote:
: I have now seen a couple of transcripts where the pilots of SR111 claims
: fuel aboard at 230 tons. Simple arithmetic says this makes no sense at all.

: That is 460,000 pounds of fuel. The JFK-Geneva run is not likely to burn
: more than about 120,000 pounds, and in reserves, and allowance for delays
: at JFK, and I have a hard time believing there was much more than 135,000
: pound aboard when they pushed back. Typical MD11 fuel consumption asabout
: 16,000 pounds per hour, 460,000 pounds of fuel is about 28.5 hour
: endurance. I find that hard to believe, in fact I find it hard to believe
: the fuel capacity on an MD11 would be much over 120 tons. In fact I doubt
: the difference between emtpy weight and MGTOW is that much!

According to this transcript

Swissair 111 (10:21:30.1)@: Roger. At the time, uh, fuel on  board
is, uh, two-three-zero tons. We must, uh, dump some fuel. May  we do
that in this area during descent? (Note: Two three zero tons
represents the current gross weight of the aircraft, not the amount
of fuel on board.)