RTO Decision made by the computer

Date:         05 Oct 98 00:26:49 
From:         Thomas Buro <buro@gmx.net>
Organization: University of Wuppertal
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On a conference about the design of human-machine systems, i.e. Cockpit
design the issue of Rejected take off was discussed. A professor could
mathematically prove that decisions shortly before V1 is reached are
better made by a computer. The scenario was: one engine failure, no
further problems etc. In case of engine failure and a wrong decision of
the pilot the computer would fly the aircraft.

What do professional pilots think about that issue? Would you like such
a system, which is taking control or would you like to have warnings
from the computer what is the better decision ? (How should such a
warning look like)

Regards Thomas

P.S.: The accident some years ago in warschau is interesting for this
    issue too. Can someone tell me the Date, AC, etc. and where to get
    more information about it. Thanx
    (Please send also a copy to buro@gmx.net directly)