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Date:         05 Oct 98 00:26:39 
From: (Robin Johnson)
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"Howard Firm" <> wrote:
>My grandfather passed away and I found out that in the early forties He flew
>a four engine seaplane from the U.S. to Ireland. I have tons of pictures and
>logbooks, charts and other stuff from the airline...It was Pan American
>The logbooks mention three different Aircraft, the Berwick, The Yankee
>Clipper and the Dixie Clipper.  His first log was August of 1939 and the last
>entry is dated January of 1943.
>Does anybody know of this air service?

Berwick was one of the B-314's that went to British Overseas Airways.
The other two were both Pan American aircraft.  When you say he flew
these aircraft do you mean as aircrew?  Perhaps he was training
British aircrew.  There's quite a lot of info available in various
places about the Pan Am and BOAC services.
These  were the only two operators of that type of aircraft at the
time you mention.  They use to land, if that is the word, at Foynes,
in Ireland, on the south bank of the Shannon River, opposite the site
of Shannon Airport, and there is a museum there in one of the old
terminal buildings, set up I think by Maureen O'Hara, the wife of Capt
Charles Blair, who was a pilot for American Export Airlines. (They
flew big Sikorsky flying-boats)
None of the Boeing 314's have survived, unfortunately.
Robin Johnson

PS This has got delayed - I'm glad to see some other people