Seeking info on SF340

Date:         05 Oct 98 00:26:32 
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I am desperately seeking any info available on the Saab/Fairchild SF340.  My
step-father is an experienced aircraft mechanic, but he is not familiar with
this model plane.  He soon has a job interview with a small airline.  The
position he is seeking would deal with these planes extensively, and he'd
like as much info about them that I can find.
Here is the type of thing I am looking for.  Engine specs and diagrams,
electrical schemantics, safety history, FAA Advisory Directives, postings
from the National Transportaion Safety Board, etc.
Basically, I'm looking for everything you could possibly find out about this
aircraft.  Any information you can provide me is greatly appreciated.
Please reply by e-mail if possible.
Thanks in advance.


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