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Date:         05 Oct 98 00:26:31 
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In article <airliners.1998.1507@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Scott Decker <> wrote:
> It was mention that the pilot may have dumped to much or all of the
> fuel. I don't think this was the case personally however it brought up
> a question. Can ALL the fuel be dumped in a situation like this? Is
> it possible to accidentally starve your own engines if you forget to stop?

In  the big airliners i know of, the answer is NO. In each fuel tank is a
standpipe and the tank can not be emptied below 'standpipe level'.

I don't know if the position of the pipe is regulated by law but the fuel
remaining seems to be in the order of 45 minutes at low level consumption

Don't know for the DC-10 but in boeing 747 there are jettison electric fuel
pumps to get rid of the fuel. If Swissair crew was carrying out a electrical
fire location and smoke removal then most likely there was no power available
for these jettison pumps. If the DC-10 was capable of gravity jettison i
suggest  that it would be at a very low dump rate. DC-10 operators may like
to comment.


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