Re: Fuel Dump Question

Date:         05 Oct 98 00:26:29 
From:         Jason Beavan <>
Organization: Zeta Internet,
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Scott Decker wrote:
> In light of the MD11 Crash, I'm NOT trying to start a debate over
> this incident because the facts are not in yet, but I have a question
> regarding something that was mentioned about this tragedy.
> It was mention that the pilot may have dumped to much or all of the
> fuel. I don't think this was the case personally however it brought up
> a question. Can ALL the fuel be dumped in a situation like this? Is
> it possible to accidentally starve your own engines if you forget to stop?
> Again I don't want to start anything in respect to the crash, but just
> a simple question.

I can only talk for the 747, but I guess all jets would be the same.
Fuel can only be jettisoned to 'standpipe' level, there is a
considerable quantity of unjettisonable fuel. On the 747(classic) that
quantity is   13,150kg at 2.5 deg nose up and 11,800kg at 5 deg nose up.
This equates to about 90mins holding fuel till tanks dry.
Hope this helps.