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Date:         05 Oct 98 00:26:26 
From:         "David G. Davidson" <>
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Some aircraft have a max takeoff weight that is higher than the max
landing weight, so the whole point to dumping fuel is to lower the
aircraft's weight to a value below the max landing weight\.

My MD-11 book is in storage (Murphy's Rule) but on the 767-300ER,  fuel
can be jettisoned only from the center tank. The crew must start and
stop the jettison operation, if left ON, the tank will be emptied.
Jettison rate is about 1,600 lbs/min. The center tank on the -300ER
holds 80,400 lbs, at 1,600 lbs/min it would take 50 minutes to empty it.

For the L-1011, jettison is stopped automatically when tanks 1 and 3
reach 8,000 lbs and tanks 2L and 2R reach 4,000 lbs.