Re: 747 wing flexibility

Date:         05 Oct 98 00:26:23 
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On 21 Sep 98 00:31:56 , (JStaik) wrote:
>>I heard once that a 747 wing is designed to flex in turbulence up to 6
>>feet at the tip (3 feet up, 3 feet down). Does anyone know if this is
>>correct and where I might find the facts on this...
>I know the Boeing B-52 wing was supposed to be able to flex a total of
>25 feet.  You could tell the fuel state of the bird on the ramp by the
>droop in the wings.  One supposes that Boeing would have some continuity
>in wing technology.  You might look in a 747 flight manual - no doubt
>one is available somewhere on the web.

Has anyone seen the numbers on the Airbus 340.  Watching that thing
take off fully loaded,  it sure looks like it flexes more than the