Re: RAT for CVR

Date:         05 Oct 98 00:26:16 
From:         TJH <>
Organization: People for the Ethical Treatment of Mythical Animals
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Good thought in theory, however, what's to prevent the CVR and DFDR from
recording over the very data it's supposed to track during the accident?
If it's "own built-in, lithium battery" keeps it recording and in the case
of the CVR, 25 hr tape... it would keep recording over the cockpit voices
and start recording.... watery bubbling sounds as it sits under 270' of
water(not really, no mikes) awaiting rescue.  It would really record
silence over the voices, and the same with DFDR's.  Thought there's no 25
hr tape, it could conceivably keep recording over valuable data during the
time it takes to retrieve it from the bottom of the Atlantic, Pacific, top
of the Rockies, middle of dense woods... you see my point?  It's a good
idea, but remember the inputs would cease to provide... inputs.  No more
cockpit mikes, no more flt control position, no more engine parameters as
these could all come apart from the monitoring harnesses... why keep
recording... nothing?

TJH, B757 IP