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Date:         05 Oct 98 00:26:11 
From:         Marc Schaeffer <marcmsc*>
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Arne Stuermer wrote:
> The development of the Airbus P305, the intended follow on to the
> A300/310, has been postponed due to the starin on the companies resource
> due to development of the A340-500/600, the A318 and the A3XX. Instead a
> proposal to reengine the current widebody twins with the RR Trent 500
> and an increase in MTOW are being studied to improve payload/range
> performance.

This is also confirmed by one of the latest issues of FI.

> Apparantly the only airline actively seeking a follow on in
> this market segment was SIA. What Id loike to know, is if Boeing has
> plans to revive its 777-100X development, abandoned several years aso,

Two years to be a l'ill bit more precise.

> for reasons I dont remember.

The operating costs per seat were estimated to be too high. There were of
course other factors -- OEW too high, small market -- but this was the main

> Even though there might be an overlap with
> the 767-400 market, it would definetly be superior to it in range.

Looking at the sales of the A340NG, it would have been a bad move from
Boeing to launch a ultra-long-range-777. The A345 sales not as good as the
A346 (details on my site) and the future belongs certainly to the A346 and
not to the A345. The A345 and B772X or even B771X remain niche-market-birds.

> And
> since SIA is a 777 operator (eevn though iut went for the A340-500 for
> the extreme long-haul instead of the 777-200X)

Remember that the 772X still needs to be launched, as of today Thai,
Malaysian, Egyptair, American, Delta and China Airlines are interested.

> Anyone know anything?

 Lots of people know something :-)

Marc Schaeffer, Luxembourg
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