CO's First B777-200ER's First Flight

Date:         21 Sep 98 00:32:05 
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Hey Fellow Enthusiasts,
It's been a hectic two weeks, I've been gathering
pictures for my site and now finally I am updating it slowly but surely. I
think you will all love the latest update: Continental Airlines' First
B777-200ER on its First Flight in Paine Field in Everett Washington USA. I
have tons more stuff to add including:
Al Gore flying in N80001 (757) in BFI
KE's B747-400 Cargo being tested in PAE
Heavy crosswinds for the heavies at JFK
NW's and AC's airplanes stranded all over the country
Plus much more. Hopefully they will all be there by the end of the week.
I'll keep everyone posted. Please enjoy.
Hey, a friend of mine had a question:
What was the rationale used for the designation used in giving country codes
for airplane registrations:
e.g. Jamaica is 6Y, Trinidad is 9Y, The U.S. is N, Canada is C, China is B,
France is F, U.K. is G, Germany is D, etc. Some of them makes sense, but why
is the U.S. N and not U? Anyone... Thanks in advance.

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