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Date:         21 Sep 98 00:32:03 
From: (H Andrew Chuang)
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In article <airliners.1998.1438@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
Boudewijn Verhaar  <> wrote:
>Could you give me an idea of the RR, GE and PW powered fleets around the
>globe? These companies can power most of the commercial aircraft can't
>they? (Boeing, Airbus, McDonnell-Douglas, Fokker, Saab)

I will give you a brief list of aircraft over 100 seats.  Market share
and fleet size (including those on order) are very rough estimates:

                 fleet size  GE      P&W         R-R     CFMI    IAE     BRR
Airbus   A300      ~450      75%   5%(JT9D)
         A310      ~300      65%   10%(JT9D)
      A319/20/21  ~1,800                                  60%     40%
         A330      ~250      15%     45%         40%
         A340      ~250                          25%      75%
Boeing   B707     ~1,000            <100%        >0%
         B727     ~1,800             100%
         B737     ~4,000              25%                 75%
         B747     ~1,300     25%    35%(JT9D)     20%
         B757      ~900             <45%         >55%
         B767      ~800      60%    >10%(JT9D)   < 5%
         B777      ~450      30%     35%          35%
Douglas  DC-8      ~600              100%
         DC-9     ~1,000             100%
MD       DC-10     ~450      90%     10%
         MD-11     ~200      55%     45%
         MD-80    ~1,200             100%
         MD-90     ~150                                           100%
         MD-95      55                                                   100%
Fokker   F100       300                          100%
Lockheed L-1011     250                          100%

Many of these numbers are not very accurate, but it should give you a
rough idea how each engine company is doing.

>Are air-line companies that loyal that they power their whole fleet
>(from small to big) with RR engines, for example?

Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific used to have an all-R-R fleet, but now has a
sizable CFM56-powered A340 fleet.  I can't think of any major airlines
with an all-R-R fleet.

There used to be a lot airlines with all-P&W fleet, but it is harder and
harder to find one now.  Loyalty to engine companies is rare now.  That's
why you have Delta which operates both GE- and P&W-powered B767s,
Lufthansa operates both CFM- and IAE-powered A320 family, UPS operates
both R-R- and P&W-powered B757s, and the list goes on.