Date:         21 Sep 98 00:31:58 
From:         James Matthew Weber <>
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The current issue of Flight International reports that GE is studying a
112,000 pound thrust version of the GE90 for the 777-200X. The same article
reports the thrusting APU proposed for the heavyweight 200X is going to be
a 'non-starter'.

This is a significant reversal from pervious reports that GE was not
interested in higher thrust versions of the GE90 to compete with the PW4098
or Trent8102. I guess they don't want to compete, they want to leave them
behind! The 112,000 pound thrust GE90 should support a 777 aircraft with a
MGTOW of about 780,000 pounds, and have runway and other requirements
similar to the current -200IGW/ER aircraft.

The problem for those unfamilar is the -200X realistically needs an engine
in the 110,000 pound thrust range to give acceptable MGTOW performance, and
it isn't clear that either the RR Trent 800 or PW4000 can get there. Most
of the Industry admitted long ago that the GE90 could probably be take to
about 120,000 pounds thrust.
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