Re: 747 wing flexibility

Date:         21 Sep 98 00:31:53 
From: (D.M.Procida)
Organization: Posted through the Joint Cardiff Computing Service, Wales, UK
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Sandy Howard <> wrote:
> >I heard once that a 747 wing is designed to flex in turbulence up to 6
> >feet at the tip (3 feet up, 3 feet down). Does anyone know if this is
> >correct and where I might find the facts on this. I checked the Boeing
> >site and was unable to find anything.
> Try adding a zero to your estimates.

I'm sure you've all heard this joke before, but it's a favourite of
mine. A passenger is staring nervously out over the flexing wing as the
plane lurches uncomfortably through severe turbulence. Eventually he
summons a stewardess and points it out to her, flexing through several
metres of travel. "Don't worry, sir," she tells him reassuringly, "it's
designed to do that." "Look," he replies urgently, "*I* designed that
wing and it's *not* designed to do that!"

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