Re: Is the 737 a hazard for cargo loaders?

Date:         21 Sep 98 00:31:50 
From:         "Alan" <>
Organization: XMission
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Richard Hay wrote in message ...
>IIRC reading a Qantas executive saying that the 737's were a OH&S hazard
>for their freight loaders - the under floor cargo bays being so small that
>back injuries are common
>Anybody had any personal experiences? - are A320s any better?

I've worked 737 cargo bins for years (also 727, 757, MD-88, MD-90, 767,
L-1011, MD-11); the size of the bins is not a problem.  There is limited
head clearance when kneeling under the door (it opens inward and hangs down
from the bin ceiling about 8 inches), but it's not a huge problem.  The bins
of the MD-88 and MD-90 are substantially smaller in both height and width-
it's like loading and unloading a sewer culvert.  In those aircraft, your
back can indeed get sore if you're trying to move extremely heavy freight
pieces.   My experience is that as long as you're wearing gloves and good
kneepads, you're not going to injure yourself- unless you're stupid and
abuse your back while you work, and the shape of the aircraft bin has
nothing to do with that unless you're extremely tall.

-Alan, Delta Ramp Supervisor