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Date:         21 Sep 98 00:31:42 
From:         "David Fielding" <>
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The 314 was a 74 passenger, forty ton, 180 m.p.h. airliner. The wing was
designed for the XB-15, a gigantic long-range bomber prototype which was
eventually downsized to become the B-17 Flying Fortress. The fuselage and
the rest of the plane were built to Pan American specs. Only 12 were ever

Yankee Clipper
Const. # 1990, Registered NC18603
Delivered to Pan Am Feb. 4, 1939
Flew first scheduled transatlantic mail service, New York - Marseilles May
20, 1939
Sank in Tagus River, Lisbon, Portugal Feb. 1943

Dixie Clipper
Const. # 1992, Registered NC18605
Delivered to Pan Am April, 1939
First scheduled transatlantic passenger service, New York - Marseilles June
18, 1939
Purchased by War Assets Department 1946
Sold to World Airways, scrapped 1950

Const. # 2082, Registered NC18608 (british G-AGCA)
Delivered to British Purchasing Commission (for BOAC) May, 1941
Sold to World Airways, 1948

All of the Boeing 314 'boats continued flying in support of the war effort
throughout WWII. Churchill took the controls of one during a trip, and was
reportedly greatly amused. After the war, there were plenty of long-range
landplanes and long, hard runways available; two things which made big
flying boats obsolete. None survive to the present day, all having been
lost or scrapped. One was deliberately sunk off New York City for
nonpayment of harbor fees...

David Fielding