Re: Boeing B-314

Date:         21 Sep 98 00:31:41 
From:         Scott Macmillan <>
Organization: Up2U
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In article <airliners.1998.1450@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Howard Firm <> writes
>My grandfather passed away and I found out that in the early forties He flew
>a four engine seaplane from the U.S. to Ireland. I have tons of pictures and
>logbooks, charts and other stuff from the airline...It was Pan American
>The logbooks mention three different Aircraft, the Berwick, The Yankee
>Clipper and theDixie Clipper.  His first log was August of 1939 and the last
>entry is dated January of 1943.

Hello Howard,  I cant help with the US to Ireland routes, but I saw a
mention of a book called "Pan Americans Pacific Pioneers" in a magazine.
The books tells the history of Pan American's Pacific Ocean flights from
1935 to 1946.

Around the correct time, but the wrong ocean.

Scott Macmillan
GM7OMU, IO75tv
Glasgow, Scotland, UK.