Minimum flight weight (was: Concord Climb rate ?)

Date:         21 Sep 98 00:31:38 
From:         Kees de LezenneCoulander <>
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Karl Swartz wrote:
>>>As for being too light, I wasn't aware of any *minimum* weight
>>>regulations for airliners or any other sort of aircraft.
>>The HS-125-800 (Hawker 800) has a minimum zero fuel weight of 13,100
>Interesting.  Why?!  The only reason I can think of is that the aircraft
>might not have flight tested in that part of the envelope ...

     From my time in an aircraft project office I distinctly remember that
the stress people always came to ask us for the minimum flight weight (not
minimum zero-fuel weight). It definitely goes into the sums somewhere. I
cannot remember the exact reason, but I think it had to do with the gust
respone which is more violent for a lightly loaded aircraft. I have never
seen it as a formal limitation though.

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