Airbus P305

Date:         21 Sep 98 00:31:35 
From:         Arne Stuermer <>
Organization: Aachen University of Technology / Rechnerbetrieb Informatik
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The development of the Airbus P305, the intended follow on to the
A300/310, has been postponed due to the starin on the companies resource
due to development of the A340-500/600, the A318 and the A3XX. Instead a
proposal to reengine the current widebody twins with the RR Trent 500
and an increase in MTOW are being studied to improve payload/range
performance. Apparantly the only airline actively seeking a follow on in
this market segment was SIA. What Id loike to know, is if Boeing has
plans to revive its 777-100X development, abandoned several years aso,
for reasons I dont remember. Even though there might be an overlap with
the 767-400 market, it would definetly be superior to it in range. And
since SIA is a 777 operator (eevn though iut went for the A340-500 for
the extreme long-haul instead of the 777-200X) it could be an optin for
them... Anyone know anything?