Re: Airbus P305

Date:         21 Sep 98 00:31:34 
From:         Marc Schaeffer <marcmsc*>
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H Andrew Chuang wrote:
> If the P305 is indeed a short-range aircraft, I can assure you the
> project will not fly!

That was also my first thought when I heard about it

>  You initially mentioned Singapore (SQ) as a
> potential customer for the P305.  I'm certain SQ will not be interested
> in anything that will have a range capability less than the existing
> A310.

Agree. What I was told is that SIA told AI that the 332 is too heavy for
their regional needs. AI could develop at pretty low costs an 'A332
light' with lower MTOW and fuel capacity. This would however do little
to reduce the OEW. Note that in the latest FI it was reported that AI
will -- probably -- revamp the 300/310 with the Trent 500s and 340
cockpit, without implementing the FBW.  Maybe this is what SIA is
looking at. Looking at the other SIA choice, Boeing, I can only see a
beefed B763 with B764 cockpit and more fuel efficient engines which
could interest SIA. I just can't see them buying a ship which is that
long on the market, as SIA always wants to be in the leading group.

>  Just look back the history of European commercial jets before the
> A300-600, most of them (including the original A300) were short-range
> aircraft, and most of them were commercially failures.

Certainly true for everything which was developed in the UK. The 300 was
initially only a short range WB, so I think that AI squeezed every
possible nm out of this design with the A300-600

My views,
Marc Schaeffer, Luxembourg
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