UPDATE: '98 Commercial aircraft orders

Date:         21 Sep 98 00:31:32 
From:         Marc Schaeffer <marcmsc*@cmdnet.lu>
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Following the '98 Farnborough show, I updated the '98 commercial
aircraft order census at http://surf.to/orders. The customer lists for
the 777 and 737NG have also been updated. Counting LOIs and MOUs Airbus
leads 498 vs. 483. Counting only firm orders Boeing leads 480 vs. 476.
The market is thus pretty equilibrated which should be good for the next

In the narrowbody market the A320 leads 394 vs. 320 for the B737 and
B717.  The 777 leads 72 vs. 60 for the A340/333. The 767 has 33 orders,
whereas the A300/332 have 44 orders.

Only 50 orders came from Asia this year, 326 from Europe and 295 from

To come back to Farnborough, there were no big surprises as the major
deals -- Varig, ILFC, UPS and Emirates -- were expected. However there
has been no announcement made from KLM and SAS for their widebody
renewal. Other big narrowbody orders from TWA and Mexicana should be
announced before the end of the year. The major non event has been the
717, with Boeing still looking for it's first major prime customer. But
the strike at NW hasn't helped Boeing. I doubt that the A318 will be --
from the economical point of view -- a big rival. The 736 has the same
problem as it represents only 11% of total 737NG sales.

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