Re: Flight 826

Date:         24 Jan 98 02:53:33 
From: (John Wright)
Organization: Janet, me and our cat in our little cottage
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On 20 Jan 98 01:29:40 , in <airliners.1998.93@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Robin
Johnson wrote:
> wrote:
>>Well just wanted to let you know that N4723U,  the aircraft flying the
>>ill-fated NRT-HNL flight, is currently winging its way from NRT to LAS
>>for storage. Too much interior damage to bother fixing...
>There must have been more than 2g pulled if the skin is wrinkled.
>Does it make a difference that the g-meter was near c of g?  I think
>the bumps are much worse at the tail on those birds.

A report in the January "Pilot" magazine in the UK describes a heavy
landing in a 747-436, only two people were injured, by things falling
from the lockers etc, and these were at the tail of the aircraft.

John Wright