Re: Crash of SR111

Date:         10 Sep 98 03:04:20 
From:         JF Mezei <>
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Karl Swartz wrote:
> the aircraft's range), this seems plausible, which would suggest the
> aircraft was at most about 20,000 lbs overweight --

Question: considering that there was potentially a fire on board. (and
indications point this way)., no matter what the maximum landing weight
limits, is there a consideration to reduce the fuel load as much as
possible to reduce the fire/explosion which might result from a less
than perfect landing ?

Or is that not a consideration ?

> One other bit of data, also from JP -- the seating config was 18/42/197
> for a total of 257, so with 215 passengers the aircraft was about 84%
> full.  No idea on cargo.

SR web site on the night of the crash indicated 12F, 49C and 178 Y for
MD11s.  (Total 239, which puts the plane near capacity). Not sure how
accurate and up/to/date that site is.