SR111 Fuel numbers

Date:         10 Sep 98 03:04:14 
From:         James Matthew Weber <>
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I have now seen a couple of transcripts where the pilots of SR111 claims
fuel aboard at 230 tons. Simple arithmetic says this makes no sense at all.
That is 460,000 pounds of fuel. The JFK-Geneva run is not likely to burn
more than about 120,000 pounds, and in reserves, and allowance for delays
at JFK, and I have a hard time believing there was much more than 135,000
pound aboard when they pushed back. Typical MD11 fuel consumption asabout
16,000 pounds per hour, 460,000 pounds of fuel is about 28.5 hour
endurance. I find that hard to believe, in fact I find it hard to believe
the fuel capacity on an MD11 would be much over 120 tons. In fact I doubt
the difference between emtpy weight and MGTOW is that much!

Any comments?
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