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Date:         10 Sep 98 02:08:21 
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>>Yes, Boeing could have built an entirely new aircraft, but chose not to
>>do so.  That reduced time to market and lowered costs (hence incresing
>>profits and/or lowering price) for Boeing, while allowing much greater
>>commonality for previous 737 customers.
>And, let's not forget that they only expected to sell about fifty of 'em.
>R&D had to be kept to a minimum. This was, after all, before airline

Deregulation was approved by the US Congress in 1978.  Boeing didn't
decide to build the 737-300 until two years later, in 1980, and its
first flight came in 1984.  Far from being a serendipitious beneficiary
of deregulation, the 2nd generation 737 was the first aircraft tailor-
made for deregulation.

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