RR, PW and GE

Date:         10 Sep 98 02:08:13 
From:         Boudewijn Verhaar <b.t.verhaar@nospamstud.tue.nl>
Organization: eut
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Could you give me an idea of the RR, GE and PW powered fleets around the
globe? These companies can power most of the commercial aircraft can't
they? (Boeing, Airbus, McDonnell-Douglas, Fokker, Saab)

Are air-line companies that loyal that they power their whole fleet
(from small to big) with RR engines, for example?

I count BRR and Allison engines as RR engines, obviously.

Hopefully any-one will be able to shed a light on this.


Boudewijn Verhaar

Some quotes:
 <RR> "Rolls-Royce is a world leading power systems business, ..."
 <RR> "We are capable of powering more aircraft types than any other
aero engine manufacturer ..."
 <RR> "Rolls-Royce provides power to the world's armed forces for
applications ranging from front line combat aircraft and large military
transports to combat and light helicopters. Rolls-Royce has the widest
range of military engines on offer anywhere in the world."
 <GE> "Aircraft Engines is the world's largest producer of large and
small jet engines for commercial and military aircraft."
 <GE> "Industrial Systems is a leading supplier of products used to
distribute, protect, operate and control electrical power and equipment,
as well as services for commercial and industrial applications."
 <PW> "Pratt & Whitney is the world's leading designer, developer  and
manufacturer of gas turbine engines for commercial, military and general
aviation aircraft."

As you can see I won't get any useful info on their internet sites.