Re: Junkers Trimotor Airliner

Date:         09 Sep 98 04:12:35 
From:         Richard Rea <>
Organization: ArosNet Internet Services
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Andrew Goldfinger wrote in message ...
>Recently, at IAD I saw a display of a Junkers Trimotor Airliner (IIRC it
>was the Ju52, or some similar designation).  It had one rotary engine on
>the nose, and one on each wing.  The wing mounted engines appeared to be
>canted slightly outwards.  Does anyone know why this was done?  I
>speculate that it may have been to make the effective thrust vectors of
>the engines go through the center of mass, and therefore improve engine
>out performance.  If so, why is this not done with modern airplanes?

The Ju52 was originally a twin-engined passenger airplane, and when the
third engine was put on the nose it became the Ju52-3M.  BMW made the radial
engines used.  As for splaying the engines outward it may be to improve
engine-out performance (I have heard conflicting, anecdotal reports of the
early BMW radial engines not being very reliable).  What I remember most
about the Ju52-3M was that it was a very rugged airplane.  There was a story
about flying a Ju52-3M low through the jungle (Africa?) with the wings
cutting through the trees, undergrowth, etc., creating a makeshift landing