Re: AF Triple Seven double Engine Trouble at Tenerife

Date:         09 Sep 98 04:12:32 
From:         "Andrew Mountford." <>
Organization: Compaq
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Pete Finlay wrote in message ...
>In article <airliners.1998.1203@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Gregory Travis <> writes
>><Forgotten airline> volcanic ash ingestion.  All four engines shut down
>>for a period.  Eventually got some or all (?) back on line.
>British Airways 747-236, over by Jakarta. I think they got 3 of them
>back. I'll look it if anyone's interested.

I read about that incident and apparently the crew were magnificent; one
part I liked was a joke made by the chief purser to a business class
passenger..."you don't have an important meeting to get to do you; only if
we can't get the engines started we'll be up here all night!'

If they did say that then top hat well and truley off to the bloke!!