Re: FAA issues Emergency AD for recent 737s

Date:         24 Jan 98 02:53:30 
From:         "David E. Pearce Jr." <>
Organization: Lockheed Martin
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elysium wrote:

> Does anybody know which sub-contractor produces the horizontal- stab'
> sub-assemblies, bearing in mind that they are still subject to an
> acceptance check by Boeing Quality ?
> Is it confirmed that the hinge bolt was missing ? Usually, failsafe
> design will accomodate the omission of one attachment path, but for the
> media to speculate on both missing fasteners AND an attachment bolt
> seems like wild rubbernecking.  I have not seen the FAA emergency A.D.
> and am not sure wether they emphasise control attachment or skin
> integrity?

When I was working at Boeing, Boeing Wichita made the horizontal
stabilizer for the 737, but that was 15 years ago.

Also, while I was there, a design of mine for a piece of jettisonable
hardware on a B-52 was mis-installed (they left out a hinge bolt), and
at first the test failure was attributed to bad design, then failure
research showed the bolt was never installed.