Re: B717 Flight Test

Date:         09 Sep 98 04:12:30 
From: (Richard Cochran)
Organization: ICGNetcom
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Don Boberick ( wrote:
: How do we tell the B717 from the MD80 (in the absence of tell tale paint
: markings)?

The B717 has the old DC-9 style wings.  The most obvious difference is
that the trailing edge is straight, while the MD-80 wings have a bend
in the trailing edge.  The aspect ratio is also different, as well as
the wingspan.

The tougher question is "how do we tell the B717 from the DC9-30?".
The B717 has the modern "screwdriver" tailcone, and, from the photos
I've seen, appears to have bigger engine nacelles.  I expect (HOPE!)
that if you see it in flight, you'll notice that it's considerably
quieter, as well.