Re: Development of MD-11?

Date:         24 Jan 98 02:53:29 
From:         "Matthew Lehde" <>
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Robert Nielsen wrote in message ...
>With Boeing giving more attention to Douglas Products, has anyone
>speculated about an MD-11 fitted with 777 wings and 3 777 engines?
>Wouldn't this create quite a capable very long range airplane?

The only reason the MD-11 is still available is because the 777 freighter is
still in development.  Also, fitting 3 777 engines would actually be less
efficient because they would weigh more and use more fuel. The higher cost
of the engines and the huge cost of redesigning the tail engine cowling, and
longer landing gear to provide clearance for the larger engines would make
this to costly to produce.  With a heavier engine at the rear there would
probably be weight and balance problems.  Lastly, the 777 is by far the best
and most advanced airliner in production incorporating customer requested
improvements, composite floor beams to prevent corrosion, new improved type
of aluminum for the skin, weight savings, aerodynamic improvments, and many
other features making the MD-11 platform not worth improving upon.