Re: DC-8 Owners

Date:         09 Sep 98 04:12:17 
From:         Marc Schaeffer <marcmsc*>
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Tom Furnivall wrote:

> While looking through the commercial jet census I noticed that Boeing have 8
> DC-8's that have been scrapped.  As I find this quite odd I would be
> interested to know how Boeing used these aircraft, and how they acquired
> them (I think it would be a bit odd for them to buy from their competitor).

Here is the answer I got from Bill Harms :

I believe all 8 of these DC-8 aircraft were taken as trade-ins by Boeing, circa
1978, presumably against 727-222(A)s that United Airlines had on order at the
time. They were removed from service at United and went directly to Kingman,
Arizona, where they stayed until they were broken up. I do not believe Boeing
ever had any purpose in buying them
other than to appease a good customer. The conversions from -11/12 to -21 had
taken place in or around 1960-1966, while they were still with United.

Marc Schaeffer, Luxembourg
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