Typical descent rate of Large jetliner?

Date:         09 Sep 98 04:12:07 
From:         "Stephen Gilkes" <S_Gilkes@email.msn.com>
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Any ideas of the typical descent rate of a large jetliner (737 - 777), i.e.
when coming down from cruise altitude (30,000) to airport holding (6,000).

Also, can anyone offer any ideas on how to navigate using the 777 display.

On the 737-400 (Flight Simulator 98) I use the HSI and tune the NAV2 into
the required frequency of the VOR to give me an OBI reference.

However, on the 777 there is no HSI but a Navigation MFD which doesn't seem
to have an OBI or anything that I can use as a reference.

Any ideas on how to navigate using the new system?

Perhaps this question might be better put to a Flight Simulator 98 newsgroup
but I thought I'd ask the real techies!