Re: Swissair MD-11 (SR 111, JFK-GVA) crash off Nova Scotia

Date:         09 Sep 98 04:12:05 
From:         "Frank Muenker" <>
Organization: Nacamar Group Plc.
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Karl Swartz schrieb in Nachricht ...
>A Swissair MD-11 operating flight 111 from New York's John F. Kennedy
>International Airport to Geneva (with a planned continuation to Zurich)
>crashed into the Atlantic off Blandford, Nova Scotia, at approximately
>1018pm local time (0118 GMT).  News reports claim the pilots reported
>smoke in the cabin and/or cockpit and dumped fuel in St. Margaret's Bay
>before attempting an emergency landing at Halifax International Airport.

Yesterday a German Lufthansa captain said in an interview that smoke in the
cockpit is the absolute worst that can happen because once you loose
visibility the aircraft is 100% uncontrollable.
I know it might be very stupid but please allow me this question:
If the pilot manages to descend to < 6000 ft and reduce airspeed to < 250
knots, why wouldn't it be possible to open the side cockpit windows? Sure,
that would give an enourmous draft, but it would be at least better than
having 0 visibility.
Maybe one of the pilots here in this ng can answer why it isn't possible.
 I assume that if it was the pilot would have done it)

Frank Muenker

P.S.: wasn't this accident similiar to the ValueJet in Florida ?