Swissair Flt 111

Date:         09 Sep 98 04:05:39 
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Its kind of early for speculation but I'm wondering about the
choice of diversion made. There are at least 3 airports between
Boston and Halifax capable of handling Heavies, to whit:
Yarmouth ( 6000ft rwy/ILS ), CFB Greenwood ( 10000ft rwy/ILS or
equivalent ) and NAS Brunswick in Maine.
Yarmouth is directly underneath the jet routes to Europe, Greenwood and
Brunswick slightly off to the side.
Yarmouth's runways are a tad short, but trust me, it can be ( and has been )
I'm therefore puzzled about the choice of Halifax for the diversion
given the emergency nature of the situation particularly since the
plane was originally directed to try for Boston.
Anyhow I expect they'll find the black boxes quickly as I saw some
Canadian Navy mine counter-measures vessels in on-site video and the water
should not be all that deep.


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