Re: Ron Woodard sacked

Date:         03 Sep 98 01:35:31 
From:         JF Mezei <>
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Karl Swartz wrote:
> Chairman Phil Condit reportedly forced Woodard to resign on Sunday after
> yet another cost problem emerged within BCAG.

The news release I saw talked about the "sacrificial goat" and Boeing
feeling the need to blame someone because it had lost money for the
first time in history.

Out of curiosity, while Woodard is ,in the end, responsible, were any of
Boeing's problems any fault of his or were the demands placed on the
commercial group just too much for anyone to handle ? For instance,
would Woodard have been forced to accept more orders than he knew he
could deliver ? Or was he b lind to all this and gladly accepted
delivery commitments he had no idea Boeing could not keep ?

The article also noted that Woodard had been offered an undisclosed job
inside of Boeing and it was unknown if he was going to take it.