Swissair MD-11 (SR 111, JFK-GVA) crash off Nova Scotia

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A Swissair MD-11 operating flight 111 from New York's John F. Kennedy
International Airport to Geneva (with a planned continuation to Zurich)
crashed into the Atlantic off Blandford, Nova Scotia, at approximately
1018pm local time (0118 GMT).  News reports claim the pilots reported
smoke in the cabin and/or cockpit and dumped fuel in St. Margaret's Bay
before attempting an emergency landing at Halifax International Airport.

According to Swissair, there were a total of 228 souls aboard -- 213
passengers and 15 crew.  The flight also carried a Delta Air Lines code
under a code-sharing agreement; a Delta spokesman said 53 Delta
passengers and one Delta flight attendant were included in the total.

Some bodies and human remains have been recovered, but there are as yet
no confirmed reports of survivors.

The accident aircraft is reported simply as having been manufactured in
1991.  Swissair has nine MD-11s matching that description, all powered
by Pratt and Whitney PW 4462 engines.

This is the second MD-11 hull loss, the first being FedEx flight 14 at
Newark on July 31, 1997.  While there were no fatalities in that crash,
two passengers were killed aboard a China Eastern MD-11 when flight 583
experienced an upset on April 6, 1993 following inadvertent deployment
of the flaps and slats at FL330.  That flight diverted to Shemya AFB,
Alaska, with little or no damage to the aircraft.

Boeing's statement on the crash ends with the following paragraph, which
Usenet readers would do well to heed:

   It is too early at this point to know what may have led to the crash.
   Aircraft accident investigation typically are rigorous and time
   consuming; attempting to predict findings or speculate prematurely on
   what happened can be counter productive.

Readers may wish to consult the following web sites for further details
over the next few days:	(phone numbers for family and friends)

Thanks to sci.aeronautics.airliners readers John S. Maddaus and for providing an initial "heads up" about the crash.

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