B-727 Preservation Project

Date:         02 Sep 98 01:08:29 
From:         MJones <rmjones@cyberhighway.net>
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Hello, all:

I'm new to the list, and so far like what I see.  Perhaps one of you has a

I'm a volunteer on the N7001U B-727-100 preservation/restoration project
underway at Paine Field in Seattle for the Museum of Flight.  For those of
you unfamiliar w/ the project, this was the first 727 off the line and
served with United until 1991.  So it can be considered a significant
aircraft from that standpoint.  United took more than a few valuable parts
with them as part of the donation agreement.  In fact, this last Saturday
was the first time it has had electrical power since being parked.  The
goal is to make it airworthy again, if only for a short ferry flight to the
museum at Boeing Field.  Ideally it will remain airworthy and will make the
occasional guest appearance at airshows, etc. depending on whether we can
obtain engines on other than a loaner basis.

We are in need of many parts, including engines, flap drive components,
center engine thrust reverser, B system hydraulics.  Since the 727 is still
a popular craft, no one we've yet talked to is willing to give up these
valuable pieces.  I'm hoping one of the list members has contacts or ideas
or perhaps knows where an abondoned craft sits, maybe even in a foreign
country.  We have the resources to rebuild most anything, so
beyond-tolerance parts are O.K.

Thanks in advance,

Mike Jones

p.s. the web site detailing the project is at