United Airlines' Future Fleet

Date:         02 Sep 98 01:08:08 
From:         skybanditt@aol.com (skybanditt)
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Question 1:
UA has stated in several press releases that they will have a grand total of
645 a/c in their future fleet. In addition, they will only have 5 fleet types.
Now, assuming that 757/767 has a common rating, and that they hushkit all the
727s "as promised", this amounts to 6 fleet types. (A319/20, 737, 727, 757/767,
744, 777). So this might indicate that UA would retire the 727s. Any ideas???
Question 2:
Assuming that they *keep* the 727s, by adding up all the plnes (except for
757s) the total # of aircraft would be 525. (85 A320, 48 A319, 57 737-500, 101
737-300, 75 727-200, 19 767-200/ER, 37 767-300/ER, 52 777-200s, 51-747-400s).
Thus, it appears that UA will have 120 757-200s (645-525), although I think
they have only ordered 102... Can anyone clarify??? Is it possible that they
will keep some old a/c??? Do the DC-10-30Fs count as part of the fleet???

Any responses would be appreciated.

HL <skybanditt@aol.com>