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Date:         02 Sep 98 01:08:00 
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In sci.aeronautics.airliners Marc Schaeffer <marcmsc*> wrote:

> It is rumoured that AI is proposing to SIA the P305 to replace their
> existing A310 fleet.

Your statement is a bit strong; I would say, "AI has briefed SIA of the
P305 project as a possible A310 replacement."

> This P305 should focus on short range widebody
> services. It will incorporate the RR Trent 500 engines of the A340NG,
> the FBW cockpit of the other buses and a new wing. That's all the
> information which I read, however I still have some questions:

> - Is there a market for a shortrange WB

Boeing and Airbus combined have sold around 500 B767-200s and A310s
of which most are of the long range versions.  The B757-300 is
supposed to cover part of the shorter range B767-200 market.  At this
time, the stretched B757 seems to have very limited market appeal.  Also,
the B767-200ER is still being offered, but no airline seem to need
200-seat airplanes.  Thus, I don't think there is a big demand for
short-to-medium range widebodies in the 200-seat category.

> - what would be -- roughly -- the development costs

With FBW and a new wing, I would guess that it would cost a little (but
not much) less than the US$2.5-3b that Airbus is going to spend on the

> - what the target delivery date

My understanding is the A3XX has a higher priority, but I could be
wrong.  If Airbus' priority has not changed (which means most of
Airbus' resources will be devoted to the A3XX), it will be a while.

> - I read somewhere that AI might even launch the A322 (an A321 with the
> beefed P305 wing), which could then compete with the 757. Two

This one I have not heard.

> subquestions :
> -- is this technically possible (one same wing for a widebody and a
> narrowbody)

Don't know.  However, I would think a P305 wing would be too big for
the A321.  Doesn't make much sense.

> -- would this 322 have a chance to replace the oldest 757

Why not?